Lok Jagriti Ngo Estd. 2010
( A Ngo Society )



“LOK JAGRITI PATRIKA” is a monthly magazine published and promoted by “LOK JAGRITI” NGO society to print the news on various topics including legal and social issues of India and Worldwide. It is printed and distributed in various formats with price of only Rs 15/- for a single hard copy or interest persons can get free soften copy online by downloading directly from the website of LOK JAGRITI.

LOK JAGRITI PATRIKA” basically focus on current news, legal actions and social issues arising in our society. LOK JAGRITI PATRIKA also contains articles on key social issues written by leading editors and authors to highlight the major social and communal issues affecting life of people living in various part of our country. Anyone want to subscribe for monthly copies of “LOK JAGRITI PATRIKA” can contact us on our given contact numbers or mail us at info@lokjagriti.com with his name and contact details.