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Your support is crucial in ensuring education for all!

After a gap of two years, schools have reopened. Watching children go back to school, meet their friends, share lunch and play together has been a moment to rejoice. But this is just one side of the fence.

The pandemic affected every child, but some suffered more than others. Children from socio-economically weaker sections, tribal belts, remote rural areas and urban slums, became the worst sufferers. When the schools were shut, only about 28% of children living in rural areas and slums had access to digital learning. Education came to a halt for lakhs of children, who had already been struggling in the pre-pandemic world.

Over the past decade, gender equality has been recognized as crucial not only to the health of nations but also to their social and economic development. A community, society, and country prosper when its women are empowered. Giving women equal opportunity to get education, become self-sufficient and financially independent, get the right healthcare, and have a say in decision-making at home and outside the home is beneficial for society.

When women are empowered, the whole society benefits.

  • Skilled women join India's workforce and contribute to economy
  • Aware mothers ensure that their children go to school
  • Self-reliant women contribute for household expenses
  • Empowered women become change makers and support other women
India’s growth story is incomplete without equal participation from women.
Join hands with us to empower India’s women!